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The Team

Girl with big smile and dark hair in front of a shed wall.

Dani Cain


You probably know a little bit about Dani by now, especially about her passion for health, helping people become their best selves and kicking goals in her ever-growing business. She has really dedicated her life to her love for fitness and showing that to the world.

Specialities: Strength & Conditioning, Mindset Coaching, Weight-loss/Hypertrophy, Beginner Fitness, Injury Prevention and Goal Setting. 

Favourite Exercise: Dead lifts, Pull ups. Oh and a good run!

Time in Industry: 5 Years

Qualifications: Qualifications: Cert 3 in Group Training, Cert 4 in Personal Training, Performance Nutrition Coach Cert Level 1, Cert 4 in Nutrition, Fundamentals of program design, First Aid, CPR 

Motto: “life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient”

Girl smiling big with light skin in front of a shed wall.

Steph has been on a journey to have a healthy balanced lifestyle and fell in love with how working out made her feel (both physically and mentally). Steph just wants to be able to help people feel this way too. She's a mum to 3 beautiful kids and always wants to set a good example. She wants to emphasise the importance of fitness for physical and mental health.

Specialities: Strength + conditioning, beginner training and cardio circuits.

Favourite Exercise: Hip Thrust or Barbell Lunges.

Qualifications: Currently studying CERT 3 in Group Training and Cert 4 in Personal Training.

Motto: Your body hears what your mind says, it doesn't get easier, you get stronger!



Male smiling with strawberry blonde hair in front of a wall.
Lady in a yoga pose

I have loved practising yoga on and off for the past 15 years but have really been drawn to it a lot more as I’ve gotten older. I have two children and a baby on the way and have found that yoga is a great all-around workout for me, physically and mentally. I continued yoga throughout my recent pregnancy and it has helped keep my mind in a good place and my body feeling fit and strong.   I studied yoga and meditation in Bendigo and love having the chance to help other people feel the best they can not just physically but also mentally. Yoga is a great tool to use to wind down, de-stress, stretch the body and so much more, this is why I love it so much! 

Time in Industry: 3 Years


Favourite Yoga Pose: Triangle Pose + Abs in general!

Motto: Don't be afraid to start all over again.

You may like your new story better.



Say hello to our newest trainer, Kyle. His next level knowledge stems from many years competing at the highest levels in lots of different sports, but he loves to work with everyday people to focus on improving their value of life, and being ultimately happy in their health and wellbeing.


Specialities: Strength & Conditioning, Mindset Coaching, Weight-loss/Hypertrophy, Beginner Fitness, Injury Prevention and Goal Setting. 

Time in Industry: 6 Years

Favourite Exercise: Kyle likes to train everything to keep the body in tune.

Motto: Everyone has their own little spot in the health and fitness world, sometimes they just need a little bit of guidance to find out what works for them!



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