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The Team

Girl with big smile and dark hair in front of a shed wall.

Dani Cain


You probably know a little bit about Dani by now, especially about her passion for health, helping people become their best selves and kicking goals in her ever-growing business. She has really dedicated her life to her love for fitness and showing that to the world. She definitely practises what she preaches, making sure her health and fitness is a priority in her busy schedule. 

Specialities: Strength & Conditioning, Mindset Coaching, Weight-loss/Hypertrophy, Beginner Fitness, Injury Prevention and Goal Setting. 

Favourite Exercise: Dead lifts, Pull ups. Oh and a good run!

Time in Industry: 7 Years

Qualifications: Qualifications: Cert 3 in Group Training, Cert 4 in Personal Training, Performance Nutrition Coach Cert Level 1, Cert 4 in Nutrition, Fundamentals of program design, Strength training for females, First Aid, CPR 

Motto: “life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient”

Blake is one of our main trainers at DCPT alongside Dani. He practises what he preaches to the clients at DCPT, he keeps them accountable to their goals, he supports them inside and outside of the gym. He is always open to answer any questions you might have about health, fitness and training.


Blake has come so far in his own journey. He has lost 45kgs from lifestyle changes and from what he has learnt through Dani's nutrition coaching. He was able to implement these positive changes into his daily life, as well as his families life. He is now able to help his clients make positive changes from his own experiences. 

Specialities: Strength + conditioning, beginner training and advanced strength. 

Favourite Exercise: Bench presses + seated shoulder presses. 

Qualifications: CERT 3 in Group Training and Cert 4 in Personal Training.

Blake Every


Jessie is another of the main trainers at DCPT. 

Jessie is a proud mum to 3 beautiful children and has her own health, fitness and postpartum fitness journey to add to her wealth of lived experience alongside her formal personal training studies.

As a personal trainer, Jessie has lived experience of training whilst pregnant and the care required pre and post-partum. She can help you to reach your goals, keeping you safe while pregnant and to help you reach your goals once you’re ready to come back to the gym with your new little babe by your side.

Jessie practices what she preaches, she sticks to her own fitness, strength and nutrition goals without question and will gently keep everyone else around her accountable to their own goals. She’s not afraid to call you out and help you get back on track, but also your biggest cheer squad to keep you accountable and on the right track.

Specialities: Strength + conditioning, beginner training, cardio circuits, pre + post natal training. 


Favourite Exercise: Bench press, deadlifts + squats 

Qualifications: CERT 3 in Group Training and Cert 4 in Personal Training.

Jessie Zahra 



Kirsty Trease


I am a mother of 3 and a massive food lover.

My passion is cooking and creating recipes and l also love practicing Yoga. For the past 20yrs I have been working in health care as an Operating Theatre Nurse then I became a Paramedic. I love to travel and have lived overseas in the UK, Greece, and India. I have been to most countries in Europe and love eating food from all different countries. 

My journey with Yoga began well back in my teenage years. I’ve always adored how Yoga turns a light on inside me and I’ve always wanted to be able to share that amazing gift with others. When I was 24, I lived in India and had enrolled in a course to do my Yoga Teacher Training in Mysore. However, a shift in the universe occurred, the timing wasn’t right, and l found myself back in Australia studying to be a paramedic instead. 15 years on, that light still burnt bright and I finally had the space and courage to follow it and embark on my Yoga journey.

I have loved my career, but it has left me feeling burnout. So, I decided to embark on my Yoga Teacher Training because l didn’t want to have any regrets.


I want peace, I want to feel comfortable in my own skin, I want to be happy and have contentment and acceptance for the way things are, and I have found that the practice of yoga has given me all those things. And love that now l have the honour to share my knowledge with others and hope that it gives others as much confidence and contentment that it has given me.

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