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About DCPT

It's not just training, it's a lifestyle.

Dani’s passion for a holistic approach to health and fitness stems from her own personal journey. As a young schoolgirl suffering from stress and anxiety, Dani turned to exercise and fitness as a coping strategy for mental health. Recognising the benefits, how good it made her feel and the importance of training in her life, is what led her to soon become addicted to the way exercise transformed her mind and body. 

She found her calling! 

Through training and nourishing her body, Dani felt incredible and realised she needed to share that knowledge and help others overcome their personal battles through fitness and exercise. Dani wanted others to experience changes to their overall physical and mental health the way she did - and alas, Dani Cain Personal Training was born.

Located in Maryborough in the Central Goldfields, DCPT has grown significantly over the years from a small idea to a community / family that supports, achieves and celebrates together.


It's something Dani is so proud of – an environment that she has created and loves coming into the gym every day. 

This facility isn’t just your ordinary gym or group training space, it’s about transforming people’s lives for the better.  We aim for results through long-term lifestyle changes. 


DCPT allows all members to walk in or join and become a part of a healthy community, helping people to become the best version of themselves.


We can't wait for you to join our community!

Why Dani Cain PT

Suitable for All Levels

1:1 PT Available

Long Term Proven Results

Flexible Class


Professional Team To Help

8 Week Coaching

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